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Now that Tumblr is a Yahoo! property, just like the beleaguered Flickr, some are predicting the service's death already and the deal hasn't even been officially announced yet. Those people are dramatic teens who use Tumblr but that's still a pretty big deal. 

It's no secret that teens are the lifeblood of newer social networks like Tumblr and Instagram. They prefer Tumblr to social networks for olds like Facebook and Twitter. They sit around after school and make an endless amount of One Direction GIFs. Despite some late rumblings to the contrary, AllThingsD's Kara Swisher confirmed Yahoo!'s board of directors approved the deal to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion on Sunday. An official announcement is expected on Monday at a previously announced press conference. (Not so coincidentally, Swisher and her colleague Peter Kafka were denied press passes to the Yahoo! press conference.) Anyway, those teens that make up most of Tumblr's userbase are not taking news of the deal well. Yahoo! is just another relic belonging to olds on the Internet to these teens. Some chimed in on Twitter: 

There were even some choice reactions in our comments section. We don't normally jump down there for reaction posts, but these ones seemed special enough to include:

This one is a personal favorite: 

But everyone knows the real action has been happening on the "Yahoo" Tumblr tag all afternoon. If you've jumped in there at any point this afternoon, teens of all stripes and colors have been non stop reaction-GIFing and photoshopping their overdramatic feelings about the deal. They don't seem all that excited: 

And last but certainly not least:

Can we confirm that all of these people are teens? No, not exactly. But the use of multiple o's and the GIFs and usernames like "Nineties Kid." are all pretty good signs.

The best GIF representation of the deal might be this one, though. It'll be interesting to watch for Tumblr's current users protesting the Yahoo! purchase in any meaningful way, like finding a new blogging service to fill with GIFs, or if this is just a bunch of millenials overreacting to news that won't affect them for months. Tumblr isn't going to be a soft purple tomorrow when they wake up tomorrow. Any effects from this sale won't be seen for a while. 

Oh well. There are other ways Yahoo! could raise their cool factor in the mean time: 

Until then, we'll just have to wait for the banner ads to roll in and see how the community reacts. 

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