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The typical gadget review these days can run thousands of words and cover hundreds of features before telling you what you really want to know: is this thing any good? The Atlantic Wire will cut to the chase after spending a week with a device and give you just the bottom line. 


Price: $199, which is how much top-of-the-line phones cost now.

Hardware: The plastic case feels like an arcade toy, but the crisp 5-inch screen is like your own personal Claritin commercial after the iPhone's tiny window onto the Internet.

Battery Life: Considering that big beautiful screen, the day or so of intense use you get on one charge is pretty good.    

Best Feature: Audio translation. It only works with WiFi but is very impressive.  

Deal Breaker: Feature glut — Group Play! S Health! — creates so much clutter that it's hard to find the useful apps.

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