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Google Glass hasn't even had its official release yet, and — lookie here — some clever lovebird already sniped the brilliant idea to use the new technology to propose to his girlfriend, making this the quickest nouveau tech marriage proposal we've seen in the recent history of new technology. You can catch up on the whole dorky ordeal over at The Daily Mail — it's not any more touching than any other wedding proposal in the history of wedding proposals, but it's notable because it's different. That's the thing about Internet marriage proposals: They have to be unique for people (blogs) to notice, and novelty is one of the easiest ways to be unique. So, any time a new way of publicizing your life comes about — ahem, Vine — we can expect that a nerdy young buck looking for a high-profile way to ask a lover to get hitched... or at least to use new tech to show off. It's like proposing on Kiss Cam at a sporting event: you don't just wow the fiancée, you get everyone else to notice, too.

But, there's a catch: Only the first person to use Glass, or Vine, or Twitter gets the glory. Any future Google Glass proposal might be on its way to going viral, too, but it has to be a lot cooler than what this Glasshole pulled. The bar immediately gets a lot higher. However, because most dorks aren't that creative, the inevitable first INSERT NEW TECHNOLOGY marriage proposal has started coming sooner and sooner, with early adopters hoping to catch the publicity wave before someone else does. Just check out our handy chart below: It took over 1,700 days for the first iPod proposal, and a measly 44 days for the Google Glass one today.

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