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Dots, the incredibly addictive connect-the-dots gaming app of the moment, is out on the iPad today, which will delight any player who has (ahem) found herself stuck at the same high score for the last week or so. The game, brought to us by the mad Internet geniuses at Betaworks, has attracted 3 million players in just a month, sucking iPhone owners deep into its simple yet alluring square board. For those who haven't joined the latest time-wasting craze, the "point" of Dots is to beat your latest high score — mostly for glory, but also win pretty useless "trophies" and buy things. ("Shrinker" prices went up today, as Dots enthusiast Zach Stewart reports over at Quartz.) At a certain point, though, topping your personal best gets more and more difficult, what with the one-minute time limit for swiping across a tiny iPhone screen. But today, the challenge gets a little easier.

The iPad game doesn't provide a bigger board — the six-by-six square just sits in the middle of the much larger iPad screen — nor does it provide more time, but now Dots fanatics have the joy of space. Instead of having to cradle your iPhone in one hand, you can now make squares (the easiest way to get points) using two hands, resting the tablet on your lap or a table. Even better, maybe you can get a partner to help — though some Dots elitists might consider that cheating. The app doesn't offer "2X mode," which magnifies the size of the board, making it even easier to share the square, but Betaworks says that's on the way. 

For those sick of playing against themselves, Dots has added a multiplayer setting. Using one phone, two people can play the exact same board to see who gets the better score. So, even if the new iPad version doesn't help you get past that stubborn high score of yours, maybe you can cream some friends of yours on the subway. 

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