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In case you've ever doubted that astronauts are the best, Commander Chris Hadfield is here to set you straight with what is apparently the first music video recorded in space. His song choice? "Space Oddity," by David Bowie. Of course.  

Hadfield, who earlier this week was cool as a cucumber while dealing with a fluid leak from the International Space Station hull (it's fixed!), returns to earth on Monday along with Flight Engineers Roman Romanenko and Tom Marshburn after 146 days in space, according to NASA. The Canadian has already handed over command of the ISS to Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov, so the Bowie tribute is something of a last hurrah for the prolific tweeter. Hadfield already recorded the first song in space back in December, and, as the Atlantic Wire noted, was also aiming to complete the first album in space. 

In February, Hadfield sat down for a Reddit AMA, where he said that his favorite thing to do in space is "Simply fly - to push off and glide magically to the other end of the Station. It makes me smile to myself, every time." So without further ado, here's Hadfield's version of "Space Oddity," complete with lots and lots of flying, gliding, and emoting in front of a view of the entire world: 

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