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Rap videos from weird startup guys are nothing new, but the genre may have reached its ultimate nadir. Dave McClure's 500 Startups released this homage to Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" on Tuesday — and it's so tone deaf that you'll be begging for the bubble to burst. 

Where do you even begin with this video? Let's start with the early shot of whatever car that is, the one that looks like it costs over $100,000. Making a rap video about raising millions of dollars for a bunch of future bubble victims over a song about shopping at thrift stores is a new level of obliviousness, even for the tech world. Then there are the gratuitous shots of the girls drinking from straws, because there are no sexist problems in tech. Oh, and the racism! Let's not forget the racism. Like the Arab guy saying "blow stuff up" — and then stopping the beat so he can make a joke about how the Arab guy shouldn't be saying "blow stuff up." Hilarious. The very next shot is three Asian people in front of a painting of Sulu from Star Trek

Beyond those very serious issues, the remix is terrible. The kids at 500 Startups, an accelerator and seed fund, have rewritten Macklemore's lyrics to apply to the wonderful world of startup finance. None of these kids can rhyme at all, the beat can barely be heard in the track, and the voices fluctuate in the mix from person-to-person. None of these kids look like they want to be there. This is like that time your teacher asked the indoor kids to play outside and they reluctantly agreed. There's literally not a single good thing about this video.

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