Update: Google Is Working Again

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After a disruption this morning, the Google App Status Dashboard has everything running again. Note all the green dots:

Google hasn't explained what exactly went wrong, but the service was only down for about an hour. 

If you're having trouble logging into Gmail, it's not just you: Google is having some issues. According to its App Status Dashboard, Google Mail and some of the Drive related functions are not working. 

Down Right Now also confirms a "likely status disruption" due to complaints on Twitter and to the Down Right Now site. 

Google has yet to put out an official announcement, but The Verge says that "Google is looking into it." While you wait for an official fix, or word from Google, you can try accessing Google from your phone or an app, which seems to be working for some people. Lifehacker has also put together this little guide to accessing Gmail while it's down. If that doesn't work, just sit back and enjoy your email-less life for a second. We'll update this post with any new information. 

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