This Is Very Probably the Facebook Phone

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The tech blogger masses are treating the leak to the Android Police as the real deal version of Facebook's forthcoming phone, and since the social network hasn't been particularly secretive about the launch, it's safe to say this is probably a legitimate look at the gadget in some stage or another. Today's scoop matches a lot of the earlier reports all over the Internet: Facebook's "Home" will run on a mid-level HTC phone with a slightly modified Android operating system. Since the phone only worked with an employee log-in, Android Police's Ron Amadeo couldn't get pass the home screen, pictured above. But, with a little more sleuthing, he locates the following buttons for Messenger, home screen settings, two possibilities for the Facebook app button, and Google search:

That last one's a bit of a surprising since Facebook works with Microsoft to serve Bing search results on its social network. Then again, Android is made by Google. In addition, he discovers that the OS could function on more than just the 4.3 inch HTC "Myst" with 1GB Ram, meaning we could see this on other phones. But we're now expecting that Thursday's big reveal will likely show an HTC Myst with a Facebook app as the home screen. 

The find does come with one interesting caveat: This is just a developer's version, so there may be some mysteries remaining. "Everything is a work in progress," notes Amadeo.

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