This Is Not Where You're Supposed to Wear Your Google Glass

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Did you expect to see someone wearing Google Glass in a box? Did you expect to see someone wearing Google Glass with a fox? Did you expect to see someone wearing Google Glass with a mouse? How about a mouse? You probably didn't expect to see them in the shower, that's for sure.

Unexplainable tech human Robert Scoble shared this picture of himself wearing those unmistakable  Google Glasses in what's probably the last place Google expected someone to wear them: the shower. Except they're waterproof, he says, so maybe Google is just as crazy.

See, Scoble wrote this ridiculous review of Google Glass where he promised to never take them off ever again. Scoble is a bit of an odd duck in the tech world. He doesn't do much besides take new tech things and then cheer them on and then move onto the next cool thing. He's like a teen being influenced by subliminal messaging in Josie and the Pussy Cats

It was Scoble's irresponsible enthusiasm for anything, literally anything, that caused such a strong reaction from most tech observers. "Scoble is an indiscriminate evangelist; he embraces virtually any new technology with inhuman enthusiasm," writes Buzzfeed's John Herrman. "This makes him useful as a sort ofreductio ad absurdum product processor: he takes a new service or thing and gives himself to it, both testing it and inadvertently demonstrating the logical conclusion of its creators' visions." Valleywag's Sam Biddle cut through more of Scoble's ridiculousness and parsed this simple picture upload to what it really is: a marketing ploy. "Glass isn't just the newest status bauble of Scoble and his buzz-crazed ilk: it's a future moneymaker, and this is marketing," he writes. "So the next time he explains how great Glass is for live-broadcasting sex with his wife, a bank robbery, or telling children they're adopted, remember this evangelism for what it really is: publicity."

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This is hopefully nadir of Scoble's Google Glass obsession, or at least his obsession with proving he's obsessed with Google Glass. No one wants to know where else he could wear them. Google's already fighting off the impression that Glass will get you beat up, and the adoption of the phrase "Glasshole" to describe Glass wearers. (And there's no debating Scoble is a glasshole.) Heck, most people think Glass is just plain weird. No one needs to see Google Glass in a stranger place or situation than the shower. No one needs to see a Google Glass sex tape. Because really this is further than anyone wanted in the first place: 

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