Google Glass Is Bringing Selfies Back

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The most popular use of Google Glass so far is also the creepiest: Newly minted owners of the awkward eyeglasses of the future sure are taking and posting a lot of self-portraits, and Google sure must love the publicity, what with its plan to make wearing a computer on your face totally normal. Face-computer enthusiast Sergey Brin may have inspired the trend with pensive close-ups all over town, but it's not just "tech enthusiasts" taking Google "selfies" in the shower: Seemingly all the "winners" of the company's "If I Had a Glass" contest, all of whom still have to pay $1,500 a pair, have taken to social media with the lame Myspace-style form of photography. And by the look of it, they're all a bunch of glassholes.

Here's entrepreneur Loic LeMeur trying to look normal while "getting my Glass":


He also bred three eerie-looking Glassketeer brothers:

Here we have a more traditional selfie, arm-reach and all: 

And another, with a Google fanboy—judging from his Android shirt—giving his approval to Glass:

Glass also makes you look smart:

It makes you look sassy:

And, it makes you fun:

There's even a whole sub-genre of early adopters contemplatively pointing to their Glass frames, either to look smart or like RoboCop:

And of course we can't forget our favorite Glass self-portrait so far, courtesy of walking Glass advertisement Robert Scoble and his nudie in the shower:

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