Google Glass Packaging Looks a Lot Like Apple iPhone Packaging

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The first few hundred Google Glass headsets are now in the hands of the luck "Explorers" who coughed up $1,500 for the device. Obviously, the proud new owners meticulously documented the unboxing process. And as you might expect, those photos show that Google took a page from Apple when designing the presentation of the new technology to its new owners. Aside from the image of glasses lenses, the white box could be an iPhone box. The white plug could be an iPhone plug. The black cable, however, just screams Google. (Just kidding, it doesn't.) That said, white and black are pretty common colors, and it's hard not to think about how Google Glass compares to rare Apple products, especially as far as the marketing is concerned.

One batch that's making its way around the web comes from Brandon Allgood, the chief technology officer of the data analytics firm Numerate. Brandon is very excited about his new device. He described experience of opening the box as "freeing" and posted some photos to — where else? — Google+. Brandon described the contents of the very Apple-like box and minimal packaging, "This is what you get in the box: two visors [one clear, one tinted], a bag, power cord an of course google Glass!" He also pointed out how Glass does not integrate well with iPhone:

One downside if you have an iPhone. They don't have the myGlass app out yet so GPS and texting Glass doesn't work. :(

Did you honestly expect Google's hottest product to be completely iPhone-friendly? Apparently, they'd rather pal around with Facebook than throw a bone to the Cupertino kids. 

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