How to Choose the Right Version of Facebook Home for You

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Facebook's biggest foray into cellphone software, Home, is now officially available to the cellphone masses. Or at least for the mass of AT&T subscribers who want to buy the $99 new HTC First. And those who already own an Android phone—or at least an HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, or, next month, Samsung Galaxy S IV—can download the software from the Google Play store right now. Not only all that, but for those of who just want Chat Heads—arguably the best part of Facebook's surprisingly innovative Facebook-first platform—there's even a separate Facebook Messenger app download. All of which leaves all of you with a lot of choices, we know, for a totally new thing that might be a little too different from your normal everyday mass cellphone experience. For those having trouble deciding whether to take the plunge, we put together this little personality guide for the dawn of the "Facebook phone" era.

If You're a Facebook Addict, or Aspiring to Be One. You should get the HTC First, which comes with Facebook Home preinstalled. It's only $99, and we hear it's a really addictive—even if it's for those types of Facebook obsessed peons. So, you might as well give in to your addiction and buy the darn thing. That way you can have the the social network greet you... before even unlocking the screen. If you need a quick fix, just feign checking the time or your messages to get some sweet, sweet social media time. 

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If You're a Recovering Facebook Addict. You should get an iPhone. It doesn't sound like Home will come to an iOS operated screen any time soon. Any of the Android devices will only tempt you, and it's so easy to fall off the wagon. Do yourself a favor and buy a phone that requires more than zero swipes to get to the Facebook app. 

If You're of the Tech Elite or Aspiring to Be. You probably own an iPhone. But, say you happen to have one of the fancier Androids. Well, then you should download or update the Facebook Messenger app. Then you can use Chat Heads, which despite a name has everyone made fun of—and now dispute!—have definitely received the "cool" seal of approval. 

If You Can Decide If You Like a Product Without Reading Multiple 3,000 Word Reviews. Since Facebook Home costs zero dollars, you might as well just download it on your phone via the Google Play store right here and give it a whirl. It takes very little time, and if you don't like it, hell, you can just get rid of it. If you don't own one of the Android devices that's compatible with Home, have a friend download it for you. Or head on over the an AT&T store and play around with the HTC First. It seems pretty fun. Happy Home-ing.

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