Everyone Is Taking These Facebook Phone Leaks Very Seriously

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The tech gadget crowd, generally pretty good at reporting rumors as rumors, is taking the leaks related to the Facebook phone as the real deal. Perhaps it has something to do with all the press "leaks" that Facebook has put out to the big papers, kind of making it seem like rumors all have the social network giant's blessing. And, anyway, the strategy is working: There's lots of talk about this storied phone and what it could look like and what it means. And undoubtedly there will be live blogs tomorrow. But even so, the mongerers are fairly sure that all these renderings, which don't look all that professional, represent the phone that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will announce tomorrow. 

For certain we know that Facebook will announced something related to Android tomorrow, per the invitation. Beyond that, the big papers have reported a partnership with HTC, which will provide the device that runs Facebook apps for all the main functions. In addition to those details, however, a couple of images have made their way onto the Internet. The latest, by way of 9to5Google are just renderings, the first of which could be any phone but is notable because it says "HTC First" on it, supposedly suggesting the name. For some reason the budget photoshop job has nobody phased. Then again, it's just a rendering: 

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Later, 9to5Mac put out these more detailed renderings, both showing that the phone will come in multiple colors and showing the Facebook-centric home screen:

Considering all the previous leaks, the tech bloggers say these images on what looks like any ole HTC phone make sense. So, if you want to be in the know, it might behoove you to take it seriously too. Or, you could wait until tomorrow, when Facebook will reveal its new "Home" on Android.  

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