And Now It's Time to Read Way Too Much into Apple's WWDC Invite

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Apple sent out invitations Wednesday morning to its annual Worldwide Developer's Conference, and, this being Apple and its fanboys, the invite signals a lot more than just an official notice of a nerdfest this June — it's thought to reveal details about the new operating systems for the iPhone and Mac computers. Just look at that thing up there: it's so... bright purple, and it is so shaped like an app icon. Last year's WWDC logo was bright, too, but it came in the form of a variation on the standard Apple apple — albeit with squares inside, which signaled "Live icons" to some fanboys...

But a rounded square with some texture around the outside? That's symbolic, of course. Maybe it has something to do with apps! "These are in the shape of app icons, so it's possible these shapes indicate a new function of the iOS operating system," writes the very savvy John Brownlee over at Cult of Mac. This is a developers conference in San Francisco, after all, where Apple will talk about "new versions of iOS and OS X into their hands at WWDC," according to Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing. We don't want to jump to too many conclusions that WWDC will be home to announcements about apps or anything — this is an event all about the software that runs the apps — but, guys, come on, the tea leaves are super vivid on this one.

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Speaking of which, let's get back to those colors. Apple often uses this exact palette in its invites, but it's different this time because there's a totally unsubstantiated rumor that Apple might release some different colored iPhones. Of course, WWDC has nothing to do with hardware. But color is only way to extract meaning out of a one-page invitation to a conference. You could always somehow connect it to the Apple TV that's never coming!

Oh, and there's that. Yes, of course Its flatness must indicate a totally new design, clearly. And wouldn't that be something so much more exciting to look forward to than, say, a conference all about boring software updates? Especially when there are no new products coming until the fall, as Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed Tuesday night? Yeah, that'd be pretty exciting. The wait is almost over, guys. Almost.

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