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Tech companies are always buying up smaller tech companies for what sounds like a lot of money, but it's hard to know how much money is really a lot of money without some everyday context. That's why we built the handy new Atlantic Wire Tech Startup Calculator. Amazon, for example, paid somewhere between $150 million and $1 billion this week to buy the book lover's social network Goodreads, according to differing news reports. Either one of those figures sound like a nice payday — kind of like the $30 million Yahoo paid earlier in the week for the news reader Summly created by that teenager everyone's still jealous of this weekend. Yeah, but how jealous? And how much is a $30 million buyout from Yahoo in Instagrams? And why not convert all these Silicon Valley price tags into HoloPacs or Peeps — you know, things you can actually conceptualize?

You can do all that and more with our tool below. Just enter your desired number of units, pick your conversion rates from each of the drop-down menus, and have fun:

units of

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