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The future is now, people: For the first time since 2006, Goldman Sachs hosted one of its famous partners galas, and we know all about the lavish affair thanks to... Instagram, meaning that the recession has now officially ended and that photo sharing apps are now legitimate reporting tools. New York's Kevin Roose discovered this year's ball in part because of a digital trail left by a woman named Shannon Kelly (username: ShannonKelly926) who posted a series of shots from the night with the hashtags #goldmansachs #ball #2013, making it pretty easy for Roose to perform a search and find the goods. Kelly also left a nice little trail back to the event's whereabouts by tagging the location as Pier 36, a riverside venue where BlackBerry held its most recent event earlier this month. She left a lot of hashtags, actually:

With those two pieces of information, Roose confirms the event happened, then goes on to take us inside the event, indeed proving it looks like a very nice party:

The firm's top executives gathered for a gala at Pier 36, an event space on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The party brought together Goldman's roughly 450 partners from around the world, as well as their spouses and invited guests, for a gourmet dinner followed by a jazz performance.

Roose also confirms this information with sources and former partners. But still: Instagram, people. Instagram and bankers.

As Kelly seems to be the only Goldman Sachs attendee who broadcast the night on the Internet, we have her to thank for this peak inside the night. She has since made her Instagram profile private.

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