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Just in time for Friday terrorizing, the Internet has resurrected this terrifying website Let Me Tweet That for You that lets you fake a tweet from someone else, which is about as potentially scary as it sounds—unless you know how to spot a forgery. With its oh-so-clever technology, the site makes nearly perfect replicas of tweets, which people can then screen shot and post as totally real, like this:

But, because the evil-machine is from at least a whole year ago—Philip Bump mentioned it exactly one year ago—these fakeries don't reflect more recent design changes to twitter. In January of this year, Twitter made it easier to embed tweets by adding a new "more" button, as you can see in the screenshot of this legitimate tweet below:

So, for now, we're safe: Let Me Tweet That For You hasn't caught up to the new tweet design—yet. Updating the interface might not take too much effort and then we're back to the scary world of Twitter impersonators. 

But, even in that case, we're slightly protected: This only applies to screen shots and not embedded tweets. The machine hasn't figured out that possibly more destructive fakery. And considering embeds link back to original profiles on it's pretty unlikely a indecipherable double will ever make its way to the Internet. 

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