Google Has Already Started Killing Reader

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Google's official execution date for the beloved RSS feed isn't until July 1, but the search company has already started erasing Reader's presence, removing it from the drop-down bar and its list of services it offers. If you're looking for Reader this morning, it won't show up in its usual spot, as the screen-grab to the right shows. There's no "Reader" link where it used to be. Clicking on "Even More," which leads to a full list of all the Google apps, doesn't have a link to Reader, either. Looks like Google's trying to wean the addicts off before the final blow in four months. But for those looking for their customized news feeds a direct link to works just fine. 

Google had already started this nudging before it announced the official death of Reader, relegating the Reader link to that drop-down bar, when it used to sit in plain site on the navigation bar. That happened just a few months after it hoped people would migrate, en masse, to Google+. Since that didn't happen, maybe the social team thinks some passive agressive button changing will encourage the switch. Or, perhaps everyone will just check out RSS, non-Google, alternatives a little bit sooner. 

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