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Joke's on you, tech writers. BlackBerry totally trolled you all into writing about its new phone and operating system with this terribly awkward cover of Etta James's "At Last." Aside from the BlackBerry fan blogs, one of which called this video "a nice song," the rest of the blogger-sphere made fun of this easy bait. The mockery started out pretty tame with Business Insider using the words "weird" and "surreal delight." Later in the day, however, Gizmodo called it "staggeringly awkward" and BetaBeat followed up with the strongest declaration: "BlackBerry Should Be Banned from America for This Cover of ‘At Last,’ Which Is a Musical Travesty." And of course, who could blame them, because this thing is full of weird GIF-able moments of Alec Saunders, BlackBerry's vice president of developer relations. Like this:

And this:

And this fun head bob:

But, with a lot of time to kill between the BlackBerry 10 announcement a couple of months ago and the phone's U.S. debut sometime this month, BlackBerry successfully reminded the world that its phone still exists. And it knew you would, consider that happened last time it put out one of these covers. So, as far as their concerned: Mission accomplished.

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