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Taking the next logical step in her quest to gin up as much celebrity as possible for being related to the CEO of Facebook and not much else, Silicon Valley media "personality" Randi Zuckerberg is writing a memoir called Dot Complicated — and her deal with HarperCollins calls for yet another book after that. Following the failure of her Bravo show that not enough people hate-watched, she will move on to the writing phase of her life. Dot Complicated, which takes its title from the lesser Zuckerberg's "modern lifestyle" newsletter, "will combine personal and professional insights for the digital age, from Zuckerberg's years as Facebook's marketing director to becoming a mother in 2011," reports The Associated Press.

Randi worked at her brother's company until she quit in 2011 because of what The New York Times then reported as an increasing difficulty with fitting in at Facebook after a series of embarrassing stunts. The memoir will likely shine a different light on her time there, which the Times painted as, well, drunk and irresponsible. If Zuckerberg's book is anything like her newsletter, we can also look forward to learning about "untangling your complicated modern life." And it sounds like Dot Complicated really will be that seemingly complicated, according to Zuckerberg's interview with the AP: "I am thrilled to be working with HarperCollins to share some of my own crazy experiences on the front lines of social media and to inspire people of all ages to embrace technology, as well as the new set of social norms that come along with it."

We'll have to wait until the first of her two books comes out on November 5 to see just how "crazy" things get. In addition to the memoir, Zuckerberg will pen a children's book because she has a child. 

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