Things You Can Officially Do with Google Glass

For those not inclined to watch Google's new demo video, here are all the the adventures you can take with this particular gadget of the future.

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Until today, Google hadn't said much about its (possibly creepy) artificial intelligence glasses or what they will actually, you know, do. But the release of a new (definitely extreme) promotional video for Google Glass starts to give us an idea, beyond the fashion shows and the daredevil stunts (though they remain), of how this particular gadget of the future might be put to use. For those not inclined to watch the two-minute-plus clip, here are all the the adventures you can take with Sergey Brin's favorite subway accessory:

  • Take a first-person video of a trapeze experience.
  • Send a last-minute voice text message to a fellow ballerina before a show.
  • Start a Google+ hangout with other people flying airplanes.
  • Search for images of tiger heads while carving an ice sculpture.
  • Check the weather while already outside playing catch with a dog.
  • Take a picture of a girl inside a giant bubble.
  • Take first-person videos of: your child, your ice-skating routine, your partner's ballet moves, your friend as you let him go thousands of feet above ground, an airplane doing a 180-degree turn, horseback riding, a ping-pong match, fencing, a flame-throwing routine, color guard, double dutch, jumping into a Discovery Zone ball pit.
  • Video chat with a snake charmer.
  • Record a video of a rollercoaster ride. 
  • Get biking directions down Sixth Avenue, driving directions on the Golden Gate bridge, and, uh, skiing directions.
  • Receive flight information while rushing through the airport.
  • Celebrate a birthday via Google+ hangout.
  • Google Translate the word "delicious" into Thai for eating a bowl of Thai food alone on a canoe.
  • Search for information about jellyfish while at an aquarium.
  • Text the view from a hot-air balloon.

So, it does all the things a cellphone can do, but from your face, mostly through voice controls. If that sort of thing sounds appealing, you might want to apply to try the glasses out here.

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