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Just as the rebirth of the GIF was apparently ending, someone up and started Giphy, a search engine focusing solely on the soon-to-be-passé looping file format of Internet past. The web really could have used this thing back in 2012 before we reached peak GIF. But now, with Twitter's GIF-y Vine on the up and up, who needs it anyway? Maybe GIF loyalists. Maybe. But maybe not, considering the search part of the Giphy engine doesn't really work that well. It's kind of slow and doesn't always show the best, most accurate results. Harry Potter GIFs show up with a "Star Wars" search, to name just one unholy offense. Giphy also surfaced only six Saved by the Bell GIFs — and a little Tumblr research pulls up way more than that. So, thanks but no thanks. 

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