Would You Pay $100 to Send Mark Zuckerberg a Facebook Message?

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Facebook is testing some "extreme" prices for that new feature that puts users' Messages inbox up for sale, beginning with that of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose attention can be yours for, well, a hundred bucks. Actually, all those dollars won't guarantee that Zuckerberg will read or reply to your note, but it will end up in his inbox rather than the ever-forgotten "other" folder — a folder, it appears, Facebook is trying to turn into a home for your junk Messages. That's a lot of money for the chance that someone who has zero connection to you will read your message. On the other hand, high prices might deter fans from spamming celebrities, creeps from spamming non-friends, and unwanted companies from overwhelming the place where you actually read Messages.

When Facebook first announced its plan to monetize the "Inbox" part of your inbox, it floated a very low $1 price tag. The company has not officially launched anything, and this $100 figure is just a test, a spokesperson told Mashable's Chris Taylor, who first spotted the Zuckerberg offer. "We are testing some extreme price points to see what works to filter spam." And $100 should do the trick, right? Only someone really interested in messaging someone would pony up that kind of cash, and it's hard to see even LinkedIn-style messages reaching that price point for someone without the caché of a Zuckerberg type.

Facebook did not offer further information on how the pricing scheme might unfold, or whether there would be tiered prices for VIPs and only semi-important people. We've reached out for comment from Facebook.

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