Bandits Make Off with $1.3 Million Worth of Apple Products in Paris

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Some people in Paris were apparently unsatisfied with the post-Christmas sales at the Apple store in Paris, France, so they decided to give themselves a five-finger discount to the tune of $1.3 million. Now that's some extreme couponing. 

A few hours before midnight Monday night, the Wall Street Journal reports the Apple Store located close to the building that hosts the Paris Opera was broken into by a group of masked men. The Telegraph reports they forced their way past a janitor as he was about to leave. They didn't go for any of the products on display, or the cash in the registers or safes, though. They went straight for the boxed inventory and loaded it all onto a truck waiting nearby. 

They seemed to have everything planned out in advance. They exit where they parked the truck had a number of different escape routes, and despite an increased police presence in the city for New Year's celebrations, they were able to get away fairly easily because the police was primarily focused on the partiers. "They prepared their coup pretty well," a police spokesperson told the Telegraph

This seems a little small time for Danny Ocean. Plus, given how pricey Apple products are these days they probably only stole three iMacs and a handful of iPhones. 

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