Update: Amazon.com Is Working Again

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Update 3:47 p.m.: The homepage loads fine now. And here's the official statement from Amazon:

"The gateway page of Amazon.com was offline to some customers for approximately 49 minutes.  Other pages of the site were accessible and AWS was not impacted."

A hacker group called NaziGods has since claimed responsibility for the attack. That, however, does not mean the group did it. But, The Atlantic Wire understands an outside group was not involved. 

Original Post: It may be time to declare today the Day of the Internet Not Working Properly: First Twitter sputtered, and this afternoon Amazon is experiencing technical difficulties. Twitter has since fixed its outage, but as Gizmodo first noticed the Amazon.com homepage is leading us to that nasty blank page pictured at right. The world's biggest e-commerce site still does load every so often, but it's pretty slow.

It's mostly a front-door issue for now: Many users have noticed that links elsewhere on Amazon, like this Books page, work just fine. The Amazon Web Services Page shows signs of full health. And none of the many other sites that run on Amazon's servers seem to be down. We've reached out to Amazon for comment. Company reps tell Gizmodo they are working on the issue. 

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