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Users spotted this last weekend, but Twitter has made it official in a blog post today: you can download all your tweets, from forever. The archiving feature still isn't available to all users, but it's on its way, says Twitter, which will roll out the option "over the coming weeks and months." So maybe not that soon for some of you. Only those who currently see that option under the "settings" section of the site can download their past today. (If that option does exist, the Verge has a write-up complete with screen shots explaining the rest of the process.) For those who don't yet have the ability, however, take this time to consider if you're ready to face your former self (or selves). Some of you might not like the 2008 version of your social media persona. The rest of you, enjoy years of 140-character missives. We look forward to some more creative uses of the text. 

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