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Update: Looks like Tumblr got to the bottom of it, the company, uh tweets.

Original post: Is this wacky picture and the borderline offensive message accompanying it (below) showing up on your Tumblr? Then, yes, you've been hacked, because you have, as the hackers put it, helped propagate "the most fucking worthless, contrived, bourgeoisie, self-congratulating and decadent bullshit the Internet ever had the misfortune of facilitating." Those are pretty harsh words from a group, GNAA, known for its inflammatory language. We like your Tumblr blogs and all the fun, time-sucking stuff you put on it, but these guys don't — or at least they very much say they don't. Here's the picture that's appearing on accounts all over today: 

Buzzfeed's Ryan Broderick has more on GNAA, which stands for something not very nice.

And if you feel bad today for people who rely on Tumblr accounts, don't worry: the worm has brought down the tech wonks over at The Verge, too — just don't go over to their Tumblr to see....

The best advice for users right now seems to be from Buzzfeed's Michael Hayes — hold off on your favorite tumblrs at the moment (which is what you'd do if like someone had the chickenpox): 

Looking at Tumblrs via the main dashboard, as opposed to individual pages, does seem to be working for now.

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