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With the Mayan apocalypse fast approaching (two weeks!), a NASA senior scientist has reassured the world that the space agency isn't hiding any intel on the order of the universe and its impending implosion December 21. "There’s no cosmic catastrophe coming," David Morrison said definitively to Current TV's Cenk Uygur. (Watch the full video below.)

See, one of the prevailing theories for how the world will come to an end this month is that the planets will all align in some way to trigger hugegantic natural disasters and other chaos on that day. Actually, a lot of the theories about the world ending involve space, a frontier the Mayans probably knew little about. There's the one about Nibiru, the sun's dark star counterpart that is coming our way as we speak. Or, the idea that the sun has reached a solar maximum that will lead to our death and destruction. To all of that, NASA just says no — just as it has insisted for months now, official agency explainers and all.

But why should we believe this man now? Couldn't his statement be a part of some NASA cover-up conspiracy to keep humanity calm before the big death-storm? Sure. But he is the agency's senior scientist for the search for life elsewhere, and NASA has a pretty good track record for predicting when objects will come into earth's orbit. And if there were a giant projectile headed our way, we'd have seen it by now, as Space's Stephanie Pappas points out

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