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John McAfee's blog was one of the funniest, weirdest, and most fascinating parts of his life on the run from Belize authorities looking to question him about the murder of his neighbor, so it's fitting the news of his capture was reported there first. 

A post went up this afternoon on McAfee's personal blog citing an "unconfirmed report," that he was captured somewhere close to the Belize-Mexico border. McAfee has frequently used the platform to taunt authorities while running from them. He's said there's enough material to keep the blog going for a year, and a man named Chad was put in charge of posting in case that happened. 

Well, here we are. The day has come. Apparently. 

No one has confirmed whether or not McAfee is actually in the possession of Belize authorities yet.  But the news does come on the heels of McAfee giving his first in-person interview to CNN since he went on the run. The network had to jump through hoops to get it. There was even a secret code involved. McAfee still maintains his innocence. But the biggest takeaway from the interview is he's tired of living the outlaw lifestyle: 

Hilariously, The New York Times just put up a profile of McAfee for Sunday's paper. Timing is everything, though it doesn't mention anything (at this time) about his capture. He doesn't come across as the most... stable person, which shouldn't be surprising to anyone following the story.

We'll update this if McAfee's capture is confirmed, or if it's just another elaborate ruse. 

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