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Of course John McAfee has revealed his alibi for the murder of his neighbor in this super-bizarre Vice video, which begins as more of a reality-TV clip and ends with that supposed press conference — in his new home in exile in Guatemala — that he's been hyping this week in the midst of his awkward partnership with the gonzo magazine. While talking with the filmmakers in the car ride over to the presser, McAfee claims he spent the night of his neighbor Gregory Faull's death with his girlfriend Sam and apparently half a dozen witnesses can confirm that. He also says he had no access to a 9 millimeter. Ergo: "I don't know what there is to prove, really," he said. Well, it's still possible McAfee had something to do with the murder. Another neighbor at one point suggested that he hired someone to do it. And the Belizian government just wants him for questioning, they say. Anyway, here's the full clip:

So at the actual press conference, the former software maker didn't say anything we didn't already know. Just the usual Belize corruption stuff, which he will continue to chronicle on his fascinating (if attention hungry) blog at He has given us the first installment already, with a post about Belize's Gang Supression Unit

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