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One of Marissa Mayer's big moves to bring Yahoo back includes a sorely needed homepage redesign, which might launch as early as this week, reports AllThingsD's Kara Swisher. As you can see above, the new site takes the tiled, horizontal approach, stretching nearly all the way across the top of the fold — instead of the very old-school, wide, margined look below, which probably took the "page" part of "homepage" a bit too seriously.

The new look is specifically designed for tablets, touch screen PCs, and smartphones, as those tiles swipe. It also doesn't have any ads up top, with sources telling Swisher that the design allows for the incorporation of ads within the tiles, another very phone friendly move. Mayer has already said that she wants to make Yahoo a "mobile first" company. 

This tiled thing might not be the exact final design of the site, as we've seen a few leaks in the last few months with different looks. At one point, it looked like would look a lot like, according to a leaked image that TechCrunch's Jon Orlin got a hold of

The images from Swisher, who always has solid Yahoo sources, suggest the front page won't look like this, which makes sense considering search isn't Yahoo's big product. Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson also had a version of the redesign, which looked like a less polished version of the tile-y look above.....

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