Has John McAffee Really Escaped Now?

With the help of a double, John McAfee has made it out of Belize, though "not out of the woods," he claims on his blog.

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With the help of a double, John McAfee has made it out of Belize, though "not out of the woods," he claims on his blog. His entertaining (and at times seemingly delusional) blog is not exactly the most reliable source of information, given McAfee's paranoia, and general desire for media attention. But let's say he is telling the truth. Then his supposed arrest arrest the other day was all a ruse. The police caught his double carrying a North Korean passport, while McAfee escaped with his lover Sam and two journalists from Vice. McAfee does not indicate his whereabouts now, nor does he explain what "not out of the woods yet" means, exactly. It's possible he is physically in the woods, for all we know. And, strangely, he says he will return to Belize. "My fight is in Belize, and I can do little in exile," he writes. Also, a point worth noting: While in exile, McAffee's story will likely get a lot less media coverage. No other sources have confirmed his escape, however. So maybe this blog post is a ruse in and of itself. We'll update with more information as it comes in.

In the post, McAfee also thanks Vice for its help. It's not clear how the two journalists from the currently travelling with him actually did that, but he promises an illuminating video this afternoon. The nod also might have something to do with the site's coverage of his ordeal. He has talked a lot about the press's sensationalization of his situation, including that of this New York Times story that ran over the weekend. "How long can the press maintain the 'Drug crazed madman' perspective?" he wrote. "I think it will end with Vice Magazine’s story. They have seen, and heard everything," he adds. Vice's Gavin Haynes wrote a post the other day justifying McAfee's lifestyle, blaming not McAfee, but the system. He writes:

Sure, we all say that if we joined the super-rich we'd use the cash to enrich humanity. Build an orphanage. Go on the obligatory "round the world tour." But we all know what we'd do in our heart of hearts: We'd use it to enslave bitches.We'd create a fortified complex in a semi-rogue state. We'd build, as McAfee did, a sex-obsessed yoga ashram in which we were surrounded by waifs and strays who were all financially dependent on us. We'd gladly pay the $150 taxi fares from San Pedro to our compound for the constant stream of fresh women there to join in our bath salts-fuelled polyamorous parties.

So perhaps that's what Vice did for McAfee.

Update 2:30 p.m.: Vice's Derek Mead has confirmed that McAfee has not been captured by the police and that two of Vice's journalists are with him. The post, however, does not indicate that McAfee has made it out of the country, simply saying that he is "still on the run" and that "we can't say where exactly they are."

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