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John McAfee is still living the life a of a fugitive, apparently. The reality is no one seems to know where McAfee is.

Yesterday, John McAfee's blog cited an "unconfirmed report" saying he was arrested on on the border of Belize and Mexico. McAfee is running from police in Belize who want to question him about the death of his neighbor, who was shot a few days after getting into an argument with McAfee. The report of his arrest was easy enough to believe because it came within 24 hours of him giving his first in-person interview since making a run for it. 

His blog promised to update with more information as it came out, but so far no updates have been made since the original unconfirmed report was posted. Other media outlets have been working to locate McAfee and confirm whether or not he's been arrested, though.

The mayor of San Pedro told the San Jose Mercury News' Peter Delevett that reports of McAfee's apprehension are, "not true." And police in Belize told The Guardian they have no idea where McAfeee is, or which city he's supposedly been captured in. AFP reports friends of McAfee told the U.S. Embassy in Belize he's still on the run. 

How this ridiculous story will end is anyone's guess. There's one thing we know going forward, though: don't put any faith in unconfirmed reports on a fugitive's personal blog. 

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