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This probably isn't the outcome Facebook was hoping for. After Facebook created Poke, its very obvious SnapChat intimidator, the rival app saw a big boost in numbers. 

The people over at Bloomberg Businessweek looked at the hard numbers and concluded (with charts!) that SnapChat saw a huge uptick in attention after Facebook created Poke. What we initially thought was a clone war was not meant to be. Facebook helped SnapChat rocket to the top of the app charts. SnapChat, to its credit, was ready for the challenge as soon as the gauntlet was laid down by Facebook. SnapChat's CEO had an Apple-IBM inspired response to Poke's existence: he told The Verge, "Welcome, Facebook. Seriously."

It was clear from the start that the big boys in blue were big fans of the independent creation: Mark Zuckerberg himself helped code the copycat. But just because the app was touched by the hand of Zuck doesn't necessarily mean success is guaranteed. Poke's greatest success so far is helping royally piss off Zuckerberg's sister. Whether or not Poke, or SnapChat for that matter, is a long-term success remains to be seen. We need to watch the success theater play out before our eyes. 


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