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We know everyone is a little bummed about all those filtered photos disappearing from your Twitter streams this weekend, but let's not get all worked up about it: They are disappearing, and there is no scandal.

TechCrunch's  Drew Olanoff got a little too excited on Friday and thought a single in-stream photo meant that Instagram was allowing its Twitter cards back on Twitter and thought the two services were planning a sudden reunion. You may have seen some, too, but a Facebook spokesperson assured users these Instagram photos on Twitter were the last holdouts in the switchover. "What you are seeing now may be some sort of regression depending on the mobile client, but we're checking in with the engineers," read Facebook's statement, via Talking Points Memo's Carl Franzen.

Which means the end of this particular social-media marriage is upon us. Despite the immediate user backlash, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has made it pretty clear that the photo-sharing app doesn't plan on making nice with Twitter. In case you hadn't accepted the reality of Silicon Valley competition the first time around, this photo-friendly weekend might be the time to check out our handy three-step guide to getting over it. 

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