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John McAfee didn't even spend one night in a Guatemalan hospital following his alleged two heart attacks because it kind of sounds like he might not have even had one heart attack. The first telling sign came when an "unconscious" McAfee was suddenly very conscious upon his arrival at the hospital Thursday afternoon, telling nurses not to undress him in front of the cameras. The hospital discharged him quite quickly after that, reports ABC News's Matt Gutman. From the rogue anti-virus pioneers description of the incident, it sounds more like McAfee fainted, or feigned it at least. "I simply passed out, everything went black," McAfee tells Gutman. As for the non-responsive part, McAfee says he hit his head. 

McAfee's hospitalization may have helped him temporarily delay a return to Belize, where he is wanted for questioning about his neighbor's murder. His sudden and dramatic ambulance ride Thursday followed a court's decision to deny his asylum in Guatemala, which his lawyer has appealed five separate times in the less than 24 hours since. Nobody's exactly saying that the health ordeal was just another ruse in McAfee's weeks-long adventure. But he has gone to incredible lengths, including sending a double get caught on the Mexican border and cooking up an elaborate alibi while being followed by Vice magazine, which hasn't followed a report since the alleged heart attacks and may have offered more peril than partnership.

"I am going to be deceptive and I am going to continue to be deceptive," McAfee told Gutman. 

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