Why John McAfee Thinks the Police Want to Kill Him

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Since turning the tables on his own murder investigation, John McAfee has explained why he thinks the police is attempting to frame him in a taped interview with Wired's Joshua Davis. "I am one of the first foreigners to live here that actually has bumped up against the government," he told Davis. "And I have access to the press and have had for a long time. That's my only weapon really. I talk. I tell the truth." Further, he talks about not giving himself up, even though he calls his capture inevitable because he wants to take the time to get his side of the story out. He certainly has been talking to the press. Along with Davis, McAfee has also been chatting with Gizmodo's Jeff Wise. He had been having conversations with both of them before the incident even occurred, as if he knew he would have to defend himself before the murder happened. He is also familiar to local reporters: he publicly called out the Prime Minister in the Belize Times as a "liar." 

McAfee says he believes the police will kill him, or send him to prison where he will die, or put him in front of a judge without a jury who will convict him once they catch him. 

Of course this might all be his own paranoia, something which he has talked about before. Gizmodo has posted part one of a three part personal diary series. He starts the whole thing off talking about the possibility of his mind convincing him of the realness of certain event. "This is a tale of intrigue and deception, involving great risks and dangers. Or, perhaps, it is a tale of paranoia in which innocuous events are misinterpreted by an unstable mind. My mind," he writes. 

We will see what the police does with him once they find him. Per Davis's twitter account, McAfee is still on the run. 

Listen to the full audio below.


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