Two Wired Editors Leave for Start-Ups

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Maybe this says something about the state of these respective industries or maybe not, but today two Wired editors (one print, one digital) announced their departures to work full time at their respective start-ups. This afternoon, after more than 10 years at the helm, Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson announced he was leaving the company to work at his 3D robotics company, DIY Drones. That follows this morning's news that Ryan Singel, editor of the blog Threat Level, will leave to work on his start-up Contextly, as The Next Web's Ken Yeung reported.

Neither will be too far away from their Wired roots, however, with Anderson working in robotics, something the magazine has featured on its covers and in its pages often. And Contextly, "an editorial tool created by digital journalists for journalists," as Yeung explains,  will keep Singel in the publishing biz as well. 

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