Reddit's Biggest Troll Is Back to Defending Himself on Reddit

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After stepping away from Reddit once he was unmasked by Gawker's Adrian Chen and CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, Internet creep Michael Brutsch (aka Violentacrez), the man behind the creepshots and jailbait sections of the site, is back to defending himself on Reddit, as Gawker's Adrian Chen noted on Twitter. After Chen posted his big porn exposé, Brutsch took to the site he once helped moderate, with a line-by-line takedown. 

After that, however, Brutsch stepped back from the site, for obvious reasons, returning at least once under a now-deleted account to post his resumé looking for work in the porn industry, according to Fox News. But now, it seems, he has decided that enough time has passed to start posting again. 

So what is Brutsch up to, this time? Still defending himself. Another Redditor posted an inquiry about Reddit's site-wide policy when it comes to "doxxing" — the Reddit term for revealing personal details about a user (which the site does not allow). His mention of "violentacrez" as a "scumbag" is what brought out Brutsch.

Oh, how far the man has fallen. Remember, when Violentacruz got our attention a couple months ago, it was because of the many Redditors defending him against the possibility that Chen would unmask him for his creepiness. Now, he is on the site defending himself all alone. 

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