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Follow this link and you will see a totally unfiltered version of your Facebook News Feed, as opposed to the algorithm tailored version, where Facebook picks what friends' activities you see. Discovered by Scottish developer Tom Waddington, it looks like an internal link used by Facebook and not meant for our eyes. Meaning: It might not work for long. But, for now it works, showing all the exciting things your Facebook friends are liking and sharing and updating and posting. 

Why might this appeal to someone more than the hand-crafted feed Facebook's robots pick for us?

  • Philosophical: Some of us just want to be free from Facebook's bots. Like, why does Facebook get to decide what we see. You know, man?
  • Something different. After a full day of checking Facebook in between doing work, it gets repetitive. This view gives us more stalking to do. (And means we spend more time on Facebook, which is good for its bottom line.) 
  • Advertisers will love it. Maybe you're into seeing brand pages and want to see every single thing a brand you follow posts. Then this is the feed for you.

Given all these reasons, why wouldn't Facebook just make this the norm. Well, as TechCrunch's John Constine notes, Facebook thinks it would scare away too many people with things that they are disinterested in. So, that's why it probably won't last long. So, get it while it works. 

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