It's Not Just Google Glasses That Will Make Us All Cyborgs

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Google Glass now has a glasses-of-the-future competitor called the Vuzix smart glasses M100, which look about as cyborg-ish as Google's wearable computer invention, giving us pretty much no hope for a non-robotic version of these things, ever. If either of these products catch on, it looks like we're destined to a future with droid parts on our faces, as you can see above in Vizux's version and to the right with Google's Project Glass creation. Even on pretty women that look is straight out of the Stars Wars sequels that haven't been made yet. Maybe one day android fashions will be in and computer face accessories will separate the hip from the square. But it doesn't look like that will happen any time too soon. Google's aren't for sale to the public yet. And Vizux's sales are down, per the most recent earnings report. Which: Phew, because those two models look like robots. 

As far as technology, the competitor glasses sound a little more finished than Google's version, but relatively the same. Here's how they work, more or less, from Technology Review's Tom Simonite. 

It contains a microphone, an earpiece, a camera, and motion and GPS sensors, and it’s powerful enough to run a version of the Android mobile operating system. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections allow it to be linked to a smartphone. A small display positioned in the wearer’s peripheral vision provides a viewing area equivalent to having a four-inch smartphone about a foot away.

Google hasn't yet finished its version, but when all done Google's glasses will have similar features, per The New York Times's Nick Bilton. Useful, but at what fashion price to pay? 

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