Court Didn't Find Apple's Non-Apology Apology to Samsung Very Cute

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Apple continues to look like a sore loser in its U.K. patent suit loss to Samsung as a judge has ordered Apple to re-write its apology that read more like a diss published on its website last month. "I’m at a loss that a company such as Apple would do this," Judge Robin Jacob said, reports Bloomberg's Jeremy Hodges. "That is a plain breach of the order." So, like a first grader who bad-mouthed her teacher and then wrote the least apologetic apology ever the first time around, Apple has to redo its sorry note. The court ordered the old one be taken down within 24 hours and that Apple replace it with a new one. In this new and improved apology, Apple has to acknowledge all the faults of the old one, which includes making the U.K court look out of step with other judges that have seen the case. Ouch. 

Apple isn't accepting its new punishment very well. The company asked for 14 days to recraft its response, which the court denied. The company lawyer also didn't see anything wrong with the first one, which called Samsung "uncool," while pointing out all the other patent cases it won. "[The notice] is not designed to punish, it is not designed to makes us grovel," Apple lawyer Michael Beloff said in court. "The only purpose is to dispel commercial uncertainty." Which, sure, the note did. But it kind of failed to fulfill the apology part of the mandate with its sassy 'tude. 


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