Bus Line or iPad Mini Line?

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On this Friday, there are two kinds of long lines forming in New York City: one to get to work on what public transportion is available and another to buy Apple's latest dood-dad, the iPad Mini. There are the hoards of people waiting to get on buses that will sit in hours of traffic to get from Brooklyn to Manhattan. And then there are Apple fanboys queuing up for the iPad Mini. Reports say that the traditional Apple pre-launch line-ups were less impressive than usual worldwide, according to Reuters and The Wall Street Journal. Given this week's storm from which the city is still in recovery mode, one would think these line-ups would be even mini-er in Manhattan. (Who in their right mind has getting an iPad Mini right this second at the top of their priority list?) Some Twitter anecdotes suggest that might be the case, with two Business Insider guys, Henry Blodget and Steve Kovach, reporting no lines at the Upper East Side and Grand Central stores on Twitter. But, pictures don't lie, and despite the popularity of waiting in line being at an all time low, there were lines for iPads, just as there were lines for the bus bridge. So many lines. Can you tell the difference? 

iPad line or bus line? (via Instagram)

Bus line or iPad line? (Via)

Bus line or iPad line? (via Instagram

iPad line or bus line? (Via

Bus line or iPad line? (Via

Perhaps you found this test easy because of the general temperament of our line waiters. Do you even need the answers? 

Answers: bus, iPad, bus, iPad, bus. 

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