Apple Takes the Sass Out of Its Samsung Apology

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Only because it had to, Apple has complied with a U.K court that didn't appreciate its tone in its apology to Samsung and has revised its formally too sassy sorry-note. Instead of talking about Samsung's uncool products and all the other courts that ruled in its favor, Apple gives it straight, in this posting found in U.K. papers by The Next Web's Matt Brian. It's the same as the non-apology it wrote up a few weeks ago, just without the parts where it quoted the judge calling the copy cat products too uncool to infringe on patent rights and the segment when it named other courts that ruled in Apple's favor. 

In order to comply with its punishment, Apple has to post that same ad in U.K. papers and also on its U.K. website. Earlier this morning, TechCrunch noticed that it had removed the original statement, again in compliance with the judge, which asked it get taken down within 24 hours. Now, the link redirects to the regular website. The court gave Apple 48 hours to put up a new one, so expect to see it there in all its 14-point Arial glory within the next day. 

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