When Zuck Met Medvedev

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The best thing about Mark Zuckerberg's visit to Russia is that we've figured out one more person who warrants a wardrobe change from the Facebook wunderkind. The second best thing?  That we found out Dmitry Medvedev is a Zuckerberg fanboy. The picture (above) was posted to Medvedev's official Instagram account, which he then promoted on Twitter (irony?): 

Officially, according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Zuck is in Russia to meet with Medvedev and "discuss the social media giant's potential cooperation with Russian burgeoning innovation sector" and "presented Medvedev with the opportunity to burnish his credentials as a forward-thinking – and relevant – modernizer after his departure from the Russian presidency, which many critics have claimed was an unceremonious exit into irrelevance." Though there are some reports that Zuck's there to recruit top talent away, as Russia's Vkontakte social network—not Facebook—is basically the Facebook of Russia at the moment. Whatever the reason for Zuck's visit, the social media gods have aligned and blessed us with this glorious picture of Dmitry Medvedev longingly looking at Dmitry Medvedev meeting Mark Zuckerberg (shhh, nevermind that it's on social media rival Twitter and finding Dmitry Medvedev's Facebook page is really hard to find):

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