ThinkProgress Gets Hit by Google's Red Screen of Doom

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ThinkProgress is having a no good, very bad Tuesday. The liberal media-watching site got hit with Google's Red Screen of Doom, aka a malware warning, and they've taken their whole operation offline until it's fixed. 

ThinkProgress says they've identified the problem: the malware warning came from a link in a two-year-old post. SB Nation and The Verge, sports and technology sites respectively, had similar malware warning problems recently, but their sites were still accessible if you clicked past Google's warning. About a half an hour after claiming they had the problem under control, Think Progress decided to take their whole site offline until the problems could be resolved. That might point to the problem being more widespread than they originally thought, but for now all we can do is wait and refresh. 

Update: Think Progress chatted with Google and everything's on the up-and-up again. Don't be scared, though. That scary red screen will still appear until Google's servers get around to rescanning their website. 

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