The Things We'll Try for a Better Power Nap

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The wacky contraption above is called an "Ostrich Pillow," which retails for $75, and before you start making fun of how silly it looks, just know that over 1,300 people have already ordered one via Kickstarter. And that means yes, something that silly-looking has already made its creators $131,465 in its infant stage of fundraising. The design firm Kawamura-Ganjavian originally asked the Kickstarter community for only $70,000 to create the pillow on September 18, but now they're close to doubling that with 13 days to go until their deadline. We haven't been lucky enough to try one out yet (hey, we have very significant blogging duties that we can't stop), but Bloomberg Businessweek's Vanessa Wong did. " Some bits of stuffing fell out and got caught in our hair. One colleague suggested adding neck support, so you can rest sitting up," writes Wong. Having reputations to maintain, we were also curious about the cool-factor of these pillow. "Even headphones looked funny when they first came out. Looking weird ends up as the norm over time, and isn’t geek chic all the rage right now?" a spokesperson told Wong over e-mail. OK, we'll buy that. Well, not buy, but you know. Who wants to send us one? 

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