Soon Microsoft Will Tell Us Everything It Forgot to Tell Us About the Surface Tablet

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Microsoft has started sending out invitations for an October 25 "Microsoft Surface Reception," where the company will presumably tell us all the details about its tablet that were left out of the initial announcement back in June. October 25 also happens to be the day before the company's pop-up holiday season stores open, which means the tablet will likely be available that day, or the next. Then maybe Microsoft will deign to tell us the price, battery life, if it will have data, the deal with its new operating system Windows 8, and all the other information it's helpful to know when figuring out which tablet to buy.

Thus far, Microsoft hasn't given many details at all, beyond showing the gadget off with unfinished software during its weird L.A. event in June. CEO Steve Ballmer vaguely alluded to some pricing last month, saying "probably $300 to about $700 or $800" would be the "sweet spot." That's a pretty big range there, Ballmer. But, at least that lets us mentally prepare for more of an iPad thing, rather than a budget Kindle Fire/Nexus/iPad mini deal. 

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