Reddit Thinks It Can Handle Its Creep Problem Better Than the Internet

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After the last two weeks of Internet outrage, the creeps on Reddit are still posting inappropriate photos, including ones of minors, and the Reddit powers that be would like to take it from here. That, Reddit says, it would like to deal with itself. "If there is actual child pornography [on subreddits], we sincerely hope your source also reports it directly to the admins and not just press," Erik Martin, Reddit's general manager, told Jezebel's Katie J.M. Baker. "We ban anything illegal and we ban subreddits dedicated to sexualization of minors as stated in our rules. We report any child porn to NCMEC/FBI in accordance with their guidelines and definitions. We take this very seriously and have an excellent track record." 

According to the people behind the Tumblr Predditors, Reddit has quite a lot of work cut out for them. "We found images of minors in almost every nsfw sub there is," Samantha, the Redditor behind, told Baker, pointing to subreddits that at least encourage it with names like r/preteens, r/nonnudeteens, and r/TeenSluts. Looking through them, we had a hard time discerning teen from young 20-something. Samantha doesn't agree with Martin's assessment and thinks Reddit will "sweep it under the rug" and that their method of public shaming is a better deterrent.

If you just go by track record, it's true that the Predditors method gets results, leading the police to a poster who was taking photos of students. While Reddit takes down the content— r/nonnudeteens has already been banned—it's possible that Reddit's reporting doesn't result in any consequences for the poster. Why is this an either/or conundrum, anyway? 


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