Promising Software News: 'Intentional Software' and GTD

Back in 2004 I wrote an article about David Allen, creator of and evangelist for the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) approach to organizing your activities and remaining calm in the chaos of modern life. We've become friends and I have followed his ongoing projects -- including a very interesting one he announced last week.

The new effort is a partnership Allen and his DavidCo firm have launched with Intentional Software, the unusual tech company started by the unusual tech entrepreneur Charles Simonyi. Both "unusuals" are in a good way. Simonyi is a famous coder, flyer (two trips into space), philanthropist, man of the world, and so on, all with the flair of someone who spent his early years in Budapest. He founded Intentional, after being one of the early (and very well rewarded) figures at Microsoft, in order to streamline and simplify the art and craft of creating programs. Eric Anderson, now the CEO of Intentional, is another experienced tech entrepreneur who is best known for running the Space Adventures company.

Allen's team and Intentional's are now pooling their efforts in quest of the Holy Grail: software that will actually help you keep track of all the chaos, commitments, and random factors in your life. The announcement of the plan is here, and you can read more here. David Allen produced a video explaining the goals.

Allen also did a very interesting interview with Wade Roush of about the project last week. Worth reading and watching. Meanwhile, Intentional and GTD folks: get coding! You owe it to ... well, me, your most avid future customer, to get this thing done.